St. Paul's Mission Statement

Seek Jesus Christ

Teach His Word,

Praise the Lord,

Attend to one another's needs,

Utilize our gifts,

Love one another.




Church History

St. Paul United Church of Christ was founded in the German Evangelical tradition in 1879 and has always been located on the corner of Ottawa and Toussaint streets in Oak Harbor, Ohio.  The congregation has grown from 27 charter members to the approximately 600 members currently.  The present sanctuary, a beautiful, traditional stone facility, was dedicated in 1931.  The educational building, which contains classrooms and offices was built in 1958.  A handicap entrance, lobby, and elevator were added in 2004.

The United Church of Christ is a historical church body with roots in Evangelical, Reformed, Congregational, and Christian traditions.  Since the motto of the denomination is "that they all may be one," we strive for unity in all things essential, such as our belief in God as Creator, Jesus Christ as Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit as Guide, but allow for diversity and local church autonomy in non-essentials.  The common thread that runs through all is love.